Lily James withdrew from the TV show after the scandal

Last week, Lily James was in the spotlight for a bizarre affair with actor Dominic West: the couple filmed together in Rome, and there they were seen taking a romantic walk and a kissing dinner. And if the free Lily can be understood, then Dominic’s behavior raised questions, because he has been married to Catherine Fitzgerald for 10 years, with whom he has four children in common.

The connection between West and James sparked a heated discussion on the Web, and now it turned out that Lily refused to participate in the Today show, where she, along with Armie Hammer, was supposed to present the film “Rebecca”. Lily is also scheduled to appear on the Jimmy Fallon Show later this week, but it is suspected that this will not happen either.

The actress probably doesn’t want to be bombarded with questions about her relationship with Dominic. Moreover, his actions after the publication of incriminating photos raised even more questions: West and his wife appeared in front of reporters, gave her a revealing kiss, and said that they had a strong marriage and good relations. He never commented on his relationship with Lily.

Before that, an insider said that Dominic’s wife was “shocked” by what had happened. Friend Catherine shared:

She saw these pictures, she is very upset. I immediately came to talk to her as soon as they left. Catherine tried to contact him, but he does not answer. She is absolutely shocked by what happened because she had no idea what was going on. They were together, everything was fine, so it was completely unexpected. She thought they had a good marriage. But most likely not already.

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