Lily James was caught at dinner with Dominic Cooper after a cheating scandal

Lily James was seen at a dinner with her longtime friend and colleague Dominic Cooper. They visited one of the Greek restaurants in London. In the photographs taken by eyewitnesses, Lily and Dominic are actively discussing something, laughing, and looking happy.

Now in Britain, a new lockdown is beginning with the closure of shops and restaurants, and during Lily and Dominic’s dinner, the rule was: do not meet other people indoors unless they are part of your family. However, the authorities allowed business meetings so that self-employed and freelancers could get on with the work. In a comment for Mail Online, Lily said her meeting with Cooper was a business one. Representatives of the actress clarified that she and Dominic discussed a charity project and left together after dinner.

Eyewitnesses note that after leaving the restaurant, Lily tried to remain unnoticed, covering her face with her hands, and Dominic followed her in a taxi with a bottle of wine in her hands.

It was Lily’s first public exit after the scandal with married Dominic West. Then it did not occur to the actors to hide their faces and they were captured while kissing in a restaurant. West later spoke out and stated that his affair with Lily did not ruin his 10-year marriage. And James herself disappeared from the radar and even canceled her appearance on several shows in order, as fans suspect, to avoid uncomfortable questions about the affair with married West.

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