Lili Reinhart confessed her love to strip clubs

In a new interview with the Daily Telegraph, Lili Reinhart spoke about her experience with Jennifer Lopez in the 2019 film Hostlers, as well as her relationship to strip clubs.

Before we finished filming, I did not fully understand how versatile Jennifer is. And then I realized: “Oh my God, I was filming with J. Lo.” Before I have not seen her from such a side – that she is an ordinary person, she has a family, she is kind and at the same time works a lot and hard. Previously, I saw her as just a colleague who I deeply respect, but not a superstar. Now I know she’s a superstar

– noted Lily.

According to her, the “Hostlers” movie influenced her opinion about dancers in establishments and attitudes towards strip clubs.

No one has ever told such a story from a stripper’s perspective. It definitely changed my attitude towards strip clubs. Now I love strip clubs. They’re like Disneyland to me

– shared the actress.