Lili Reinhart comments her quarantine life after breaking up with Cole Sprouse

Lili Reinhart recently spoke live with her friend, writer Sylvester McNutt, and talked about how she was affected by the quarantine period, which was also darkened by her breakup with Cole Sprouse.

Lily noted that her stress and anxiety levels increased and she wants to stay at home and do nothing.

There is a simple assignment for the day, say, to go to the post office. And I don’t want to go anywhere. I get anxious because I don’t want to leave my dog, I don’t want to go out in public, I don’t want to put on a mask. I could, but it will drive me into stress. I’m constantly winding myself up. And then I think, “Why the hell are you jerking about a simple trip to the damn post office?” – shared Reinhart.

But at the same time, Lily is glad that she has the opportunity to rest after filming in “Riverdale”:

About four years ago, my career and life began to take off. And I didn’t have enough time to realize everything, to realize my glory, the new world in which I live. The last months are very important to me because I have time to finally digest everything.

Lily spends her free time reading books, and also communicates with a psychotherapist.

I use my free time now to sort out my “injury box”, which I usually do not take to disassemble. I am lucky, I can undergo therapy sessions every week, all kinds of healing methods such as Reiki and the like, many do not have this opportunity, – shared the actress.

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