Lieutenant Colonel Vindman was escorted out of the White House

Alexander Vindman previously testified at the hearings on the impeachment of President Trump.

Alexander Vindman, a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army and a member of the US national Security Council who testified at the impeachment hearing of President Donald Trump, was removed from the White House grounds. His lawyer reported this.

In a statement, lawyer David Pressman, in particular, said: “In the minds of Americans, there is no question why this person is fired.” Lieutenant Colonel Vindman was asked to leave for telling the truth.”

Vindman testified at a hearing in the House of Representatives of the US Congress and said that President Trump made improper demands to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. The US Senate found President Trump not guilty by a majority vote.

On Friday, Trump was asked about Vindman’s future. The President replied: “I am not happy with him. Do you think I should be happy with it? They will make a decision.”
Vindman’s service with the National Security Council was scheduled to end in July.

As it became known, at the same time, Alexander Vindman’s twin brother, Yevgeny, was taken out of the White House. Yevgeny Vindman, also a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army, was an attorney for the National Security Council.

Earlier, Jennifer Williams, a national security adviser in the office of Us Vice President Mike Pence, who also testified at the impeachment hearing, was sent to the US Central Command.
US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Friday that the Pentagon is protecting all military personnel from political retaliation.

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