LG unveils an unusual smartphone Wing with two rotating screens

LG has officially unveiled a smartphone with two screens, one of which can be deployed and positioned horizontally.

The main feature of the device is two screens. One is deployed in such a way that the smartphone begins to resemble the letter “T”. According to the manufacturer, such a design opens up more scenarios for use in comparison with “classic” smartphones.

The main screen is 6.8 “and the secondary is 3.9”. On each of the panels, different applications can work – conditionally on one of them the video is spinning, on the second – the correspondence in the messenger. There is also an option in which the displays complement each other. For example with the same video: the upper screen shows a video, the lower one shows the rewind, pause and volume buttons.

There is also a scenario in which a smartphone in its “T” shape is used as a camera with a stabilizer. The camera itself is triple (64 Mp + 12 Mp + 12 Mp). Front module with a retractable system – 32 Mp. The asset also has a Snapdragon 765G processor, 5G modem, 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of permanent memory. Battery – 4000 mAh, operating system – Android 10.
The price and the date of the start of sales will be announced a little later.

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