LG introduced a transparent TV

LG has introduced new transparent displays that can be used on trains and restaurants. Their transparency is four times higher than that of analogs.

LG unveiled a transparent OLED display and showed how exactly you could use the device. For example, a transparent TV can be used in restaurants to communicate with a bartender or waiter. At the same time, you can display the menu and items from the order there.

LG has also designed a bezel from which the transparent OLED display can be pulled up and out of the way when not needed. The frame, which has been equipped with speakers, can be used as a speaker.

The 55-inch transparent OLED display can also be installed in train carriages, where it replaces the usual window. Passengers can enjoy the scenery while viewing weather forecasts, news, and travel information.

LG displays have a transparency of 40%, which is much more than most analogs – they have only 10% transparency. Engineers note that such TVs are becoming useful in a wider range of scenarios, including autonomous cars, airplanes, and smart buildings.

Users will learn more about LG’s transparent OLED displays on January 11, when CES 2021 kicks off.

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