Leo to be the second most popular male name in Catalonia

The Catalan Statistical Institute analyzed which names are the most popular for newborns in the region, according to Marca.

According to the source, in 2019, 500 children (8.22% of all newborn boys) were named Leo in honor of Argentine Barcelona striker Lionel Messi. Only the name Mark turned out to be more popular, with which 622 children were named.

In 2010, only 136 boys received the name Leo, and in 2017 – 433. Among newborn girls, the name Julia is the most popular, followed by Martina.

As part of the Catalan club, Messi played 729 matches in all tournaments, in which he became the author of 633 goals scored, and also gave 285 assists. The player’s contract with the club is valid until the summer of 2021.