Lena Dunham spoke about unsuccessful attempts to have a child

In an essay written specifically for the American edition of Harper’s Magazine, the 34-year-old actress and writer spoke frankly about the failed in vitro fertilization (IVF) attempt, as well as how she coped with the difficult situation and came to accept herself. Three years ago, Lena had a hysterectomy, which meant that she could no longer conceive a child naturally. As the star admitted, after the operation, she “became obsessed with the desire to have children.”

After completing a rehabilitation course, Dunham immediately set about studying forums where people with similar problems sit. There she learned about the IVF procedure. It turned out that her only remaining ovary was still producing eggs. So the actress had a hope that a surrogate mother would be able to bear her child, but the examination showed that her eggs were unsuitable for fertilization.

In her essay, Lena turned to everyone who faced the problem of infertility. “My article is devoted to women who society could not provide other roles than the role of mother. People who have denied their pain. To strangers on the Internet, with some of them I spoke, but with the majority – no. However, they showed me again and again that I was not alone, ” the actress wrote on Instagram.

Author: Sam Smith
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