LEGO Introduces New MINDSTORMS for Everyone: Learning in Python and Scratch

LEGO Group has developed a new robotic constructor. Children can not only create their own robot but also teach them how to walk, talk, and even think.

For the first time in seven years, the LEGO Group has announced the release of a new product in the LEGO MINDSTORMS line of robotic designers. Soon, a 5-in-1 Robot Inventor will appear on sale. If earlier such designers with this set of functions were available only to educational institutions, now children will be able to learn the basics of programming using a model with high-precision motors and sensors.

The new Robot Inventor consists of 949 parts, which includes the components of the LEGO Powered Up system. They allow you to motorize buildings. The kit also includes digital assembly and coding instructions.

Children over 10 years old can assemble and revive one of the five high-tech models. Using programming and creating their own buildings, students can teach the robot to walk, talk and even think.

The child will be able to encode the remote control functions he invented for the models in the special LEGO MINDSTORMS application, as well as connect his controllers to it using Bluetooth.

Types of robots presented in the kit:

· Blast is a persistent robot and a real action hero who can shoot, get through obstacles, and grab objects. Once it is programmed, he will be able to scan the environment, as well as shoot darts if he feels the danger.

· Charlie is a clever assistant who can distribute fives, dance, play drums, deliver small gifts, and charm friends with a smile.

· Tricky is a robot athlete capable of making the perfect slam dunk and mastering many sports, including basketball, bowling, and soccer.

· Gelo is a four-legged robot with a mechanism that allows it to move around, avoid obstacles, and even perform tricks.

M.V.P. (Modular Vehicle Platform) – a modular platform (basic design) for creating various vehicles. After connecting the remote control, the child can build a buggy, a crane, and even a monster truck.

Managed models can be managed remotely through a free application. More than 50 tasks help systematically master the basics of programming and develop coding skills. The application allows you to give commands to the robot using the drag-and-drop principle in the Scratch programming language for those who have just begun to learn. For advanced users, the application provides the ability to write commands using the Python programming language.