Legendary DJ José Padilla dies in Ibiza

In Spain, at the age of 64, the Spanish DJ José Padilla, who became famous for his work in the legendary Cafe del Mar club on the island of Ibiza, has died.

The death of the DJ and musician became known from a message on his official Facebook page. DJ died of cancer.

“Hello, friends. We are deeply saddened to announce that Jose passed away on Sunday night in his sleep on his beloved island of Ibiza. His family and friends would like to thank everyone who sent donations and words of support, which made it easier for him to live in recent months, ” the message says.

Padilla was born in Barcelona in 1955 and moved to Ibiza in 1975. He became a DJ at Cafe del Mar in 1991. In 1995 he compiled a compilation of electronic compositions in the style of ambient, created by various musicians. The album was released by React.

Since then, 25 compilations have been released, and for many electronic music lovers, the name Cafe del Mar became associated with Jose Padilla, whose compositions also became part of these albums.

Padilla has created several of his own full-length albums, warmly received by the fans. DJ Navigator’s second album, released in 2001, won a Grammy for Best Instrumental Album.

In 2020, Padilla announced that he had been diagnosed with colorectal cancer. He spent his last days on the island of Ibiza.