Leftovers from 3D printing used for truck parts

Ford has unveiled a method to help recycle the plastic waste left over from 3D printing. Now scientists will produce truck parts from them.

The researchers explained that 3D printing is well suited for producing small parts that would be too expensive to manufacture due to the added cost. But in this case, the parts will be cheap to manufacture and will indeed become part of the car.

Ford has partnered with HP to begin recycling 3D printed parts to make the plastic from the waste the fuel clamp for the F-250 truck. The waste is sent to Lavergne, which turns it into plastic pellets. Then they can be used in injection molding machines. These granules can be easily converted into clamps later.

Fuel clamps made from recycled printer waste are more resistant to chemicals and moisture, 7% and 10% less expensive than clamps that have been used so far.

“Many companies are finding great uses for 3D printing technology, but with HP, we pioneered the use of a powder that would most likely go to landfill. They will now become functional and durable auto parts, ”said Debbie Melewski, Ford Technical Officer.

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