LeBron James reacted sharply to the attack of Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James reacted sharply to the Swedish Milan football player’s attack, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who criticized the basketball player for his constant attempts to influence political life in the United States.

“I will never stop talking about what seems wrong to me. I speak in defence of my people, in defence of equality and social justice. I speak out against racism, pressure on voters and other things that happen in our society. After all, I myself was once a part of the community and saw what was happening in it. There are over 300 children in my school who face all these problems. They need a voice, and for them, I am that voice. I use my status to shed light on what is happening in my community and this country, even in the world.

I will never limit myself to sports because I realize how powerful my voice is. It’s funny to hear this from Zlatan because in 2018, when he returned to Sweden, he spoke on the same topics. He talked about racism because of his last name (Ibrahimovic accused the Swedish media of latent racism) while playing football. Was it like that? I think it was. I speak on behalf of a very educated guy. I’m not the one to attack because I do my homework,” USA Today quoted James as saying.

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