Leaving Syria, American troops decided to leave the weapons to the Kurds

The Pentagon is going to offer the US President Donald Trump to transfer weapons to the Kurds after American troops leave Syria. This is reported by Reuters.

Among other things, we are talking about armored vehicles and anti-tank missiles. In the case of a positive solution to the issue, this will cause anger in Turkey, which considers the Kurds terrorists and fears the strengthening of Kurdish movements.

Later, a representative of the US defense Ministry told that it is inappropriate to comment on any information about the location or movement of the US weapons and military equipment after the withdrawal of the US contingent from Syria.

On December 28, the representative of the Autonomous Kurdish administration, Ceyhan Ahmed, said that the Kurds had agreed with the Syrian army to introduce troops to all Northern territories of Syria, including the Eastern bank of the Euphrates River. According to him, the” Democratic forces of Syria “cooperate with the official Damascus to “block the path of Turkey.”

On December 19, Trump announced the victory over the terrorist group “Islamic state” in Syria and ordered the US military to leave the country. Later, he said that the remnants of a terrorist group in Syria should take care of other countries in the region, including Turkey.

Author: Flyn Braun
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