Leak: Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro will receive four cameras with the ability to create HDR video

At the December presentation, Xiaomi unveiled the Mi 11, its new flagship smartphone based on the Snapdragon 888 chip. Even before the announcement, there were rumors about the Pro version, which was not shown in the end. Yet the new leak hints at the appearance of the device.

A third-party case manufacturer has released a new protective case for early 2021. Nevertheless, the accessory stands out not with the image of a bull, but with a cutout for four cameras. In the description, the manufacturer wrote that this is a protective case for the Mi 11 Pro, which means that an improved version of the flagship Xiaomi can get a different set of cameras. It is noteworthy that earlier renders of Mi 11 Pro with the same arrangement of cameras have already flashed on the Web.

However, this was to be expected given the differences between Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro. If the Chinese do not deviate from traditions, then the “proshka” will receive faster charging.

Previous leaks stated that the Mi 11 Pro will receive the same screen and processor, as well as MEMC support, and will be able to convert SDR videos to HDR in real time. According to insiders, the Mi 11 Pro won’t arrive until the Spring Festival. So it’s worth waiting for a smartphone after February 12.

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