Lay’s Chrome extension turns on subtitles when someone eats chips

The new browser extension was developed by design studio Bliss Interactive and Happiness Saigon and advertising agency Lay’s.

a new extension for the Chrome browser called Crispy Subtitles from Lay’s automatically turns on subtitles in YouTube videos if it detects a crunch sound near the device.

While eating chips, the inability to listen to video is a problem for users, as well as the need to reach for the laptop volume control buttons with fat fingers, writes Gizmodo.

To create the extension, the authors used 178 hours of crisp crisp sound recordings. This data was processed using machine learning technology to create an AI crunch recognition model, which became the basis of the mentioned product.

After installing the extension in Chrome, it accesses the tab from YouTube and every time it detects a crunch, it starts subtitles if they are available for the video you are watching.

The source tested the video and confirmed its performance, however, noted that the crisp crunch must be loud enough to launch the new function.

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