Lana Del Rey introduced her fiancé to fans. First Photo

Recently it became known that the 35-year-old singer became engaged to boyfriend Clayton Jones, whom she met on a dating site.

Lana Del Rey did not confirm the upcoming wedding’s rumours, but she appeared in public with a luxurious ring on that very finger. And yesterday, she published on Instagram the first joint photo with her lover. They both pose in protective masks – earlier the performer was criticized because of the main accessory of 2020.

Lana also revealed that she would have to celebrate the New Year in a cast: the star injured her hand while skating. “When you watch my second video for this album, don’t think that plaster is a symbol of something. After a long day of eights and jumping in the desert twilight, I had worn out my skates even before filming. The fracture isn’t that bad anyway; it even matches my new hat. Thanks to my wonderful family for the gifts, ”the singer signed a series of shots.

In March, Lana Del Rey parted ways with police officer Sean Larkin, with whom she shone on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards shortly before the breakup.

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