Lady Gaga in a snow-white suit in Rome

34-year-old Lady Gaga again got into the paparazzi frame in Rome, where a film about the murder of Maurizio Gucci is now being filmed. The singer plays the ex-wife of the grandson of the Gucci fashion house founder, Patricia Reggiani, who hired the hitmen.

In front of the photographers on duty at her hotel, Lady Gaga appeared in a snow-white Max Mara suit from the Pre-Fall 2021 collection and a Valentino bag. The classic restrained image was complemented by the signature high platform shoes and stiletto heels – an integral part of the performer’s well-known extravagant stage outfits.

Lady Gaga seemed to be in a good mood and even greeted the photographers. And she really has a reason for joy, because the singer was returned to her beloved dogs, which were recently very audaciously kidnapped.

This story claims to be a separate film adaptation, and in terms of the intensity of passions, it can compete with many crime thrillers. Ryan Fischer, who is walking the singer’s French bulldogs, was attacked by an armed attack to take possession of the dogs. Now the man is undergoing rehabilitation at the hospital, and Lady Gaga is supporting him.

The dogs were probably kidnapped to obtain a ransom, but the attackers failed to implement the plan. Two days after the incident, the French Bulldogs were brought to the police station by a woman whose identity was not revealed. However, the Los Angeles police have already stated that she is not connected with the abduction. The search for criminals is still ongoing.

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