Lady Gaga admitted that fame drove her to suicidal thoughts

The singer gave a candid interview and talked about her relationship with Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga is a world-famous singer, but her fame and popularity have a dark side to her. In a recent CBS Sunday Morning interview, Gaga admitted that she had a period where she thought about suicide every day. Also, the singer, whose real name is Stephanie Germanotta, said that Lady Gaga at some point became her main enemy.

Lady Gaga is my main enemy, that’s what I thought. You can’t go to the store, you can’t have dinner with your family somewhere, because they will definitely come to your table. Everything revolves around her [Lady Gaga], without this it is impossible, said the singer.

The host asked why she calls the period of her rise to fame “dark time”. Gaga replied:

Because I hated being famous, I hated being a star, I felt totally drained. Your mental problems are not easy to talk about, they are invisible.

And she added that she thought about suicide every day.

I really didn’t understand why I should live, except for my family. I didn’t understand why I should stay here. I didn’t live alone then, so there was someone to look after me, said Lady Gaga.

Now, according to Stephanie, she doesn’t hate her super-renowned stage image. But she is afraid of the increased attention of fans in everyday life:

If I go to the store and someone comes up to me and starts poking a camera in my face, I have a panic. It’s just that the whole body hurts at once, it’s very scary. It feels like I’m an object, not a living person.

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