La Scala Theater canceled the traditional opening of the season

In the pandemic’s face, the world opera center replaced it with a television medley of arias and ballet parts.

Milan’s La Scala Opera house staged a three-hour television medley of arias and ballet parts, which was broadcast last Monday. This is how the famous center for world Opera art celebrated the season’s opening: restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic prevented it from being done in a traditional form.

The cancellation of the traditional opening of the season at La Scala took place for the first time since the Second World War.

Masked choristers and orchestra members performed the Italian national anthem in front of an empty hall that would otherwise have been packed to capacity with members of the country’s political, financial, and artistic elite.

Calling the performance “See the stars again” – the title represents the final words of Dante’s “Inferno” (the first part of the “The Divine Comedy”) – the organizers expressed the hope that the pandemic has hit the world will soon be defeated.

“This is an extraordinary experience, but I hope it doesn’t happen again,” said conductor Ricardo Chailly.

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