Kyiv expects to continue supplying weapons from the United States under Biden

Kyiv expects the United States to continue supplying weapons to Ukraine if President Joe Biden takes office, Ukrainian foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said.

Earlier, a group of senators representing the Republican and Democratic Parties of the United States introduced a bill providing for the annual allocation of $ 300 million to Ukraine for military assistance, including the provision of lethal weapons.

“Now these doors (supply of weapons) are already open. Despite the intimidation of the Russian Federation and its loyal speakers at that time, the war (the conflict in the Donbas) did not break out with a new force, and the weapons that we receive from the United States are used to strengthen our defense capability. And I don’t expect that these doors can be closed under the new administration,” Kuleba said in an interview on Monday.

The United States approved the delivery to Ukraine of the first batch of American Javelin-37 missile systems launchers and 210 missiles for $ 47 million – in March 2018. The US State Department also approved the sale of the second batch of Javelin to Ukraine for almost $ 40 million.

The majority of European politicians spoke out against the supply of weapons to Ukraine. For example, former OSCE Chairman, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that the supply of weapons to Ukraine is a very risky and counterproductive way out of the crisis.

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