Kyiv asked NATO to strengthen its presence in the Black Sea region

Ukraine and NATO agreed to strengthen the presence of the North Atlantic Alliance in the Black Sea region. An agreement was reached following a conversation between Ukrainian defense Minister Andrey Taran and the organization’s Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg.

“The parties agreed to strengthen the presence of forces and assets on the land, sea and in the airspace of the Black Sea region by increasing air patrols and the presence of ships of the naval forces of the Alliance member countries,” the statement on the website of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine reads.

During the dialogue, Taran expressed interest in exchanging information about the situation in the region and invited NATO to the exercises planned in the South of Ukraine in the fall of 2020.
The Minister explained that the new status of Ukraine in the Alliance will help to conduct a dialogue on mutually beneficial cooperation, will allow introducing new positions for the armed forces of Ukraine in the NATO headquarters, and will expand access to compatibility programs and exercises.

On Tuesday, the US Navy’s missile destroyer USS Porter began the transition from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean. The ship entered the Black Sea on June 17 to conduct maneuvers to strengthen interaction with NATO allies.

The black sea fleet began tracking the movement of NATO ships in the Black Sea.

In early July, a group of ships of the Black Sea fleet, including the small rocket ship “Ingushetia” armed with “Calibers,” conducted exercises to destroy a simulated enemy in the Black Sea.