Kushner went on a tour of the Persian Gulf countries

President Trump’s adviser urges Arab countries to follow the example of the UAE by normalizing relations with Israel.

After accompanying the Israeli delegation to the United Arab Emirates for historic talks on normalizing relations between the two countries, White House adviser Jared Kushner on Tuesday went on a tour of other Gulf capitals to expand support for the idea of normalizing relations with Israel.

Israel and the UAE created a joint Committee for cooperation in the field of financial services at the talks, which were held in Abu Dhabi. Kushner, the son-in-law of President Donald Trump, accompanied the Israeli delegation on Monday during what was billed as the first Israeli commercial flight to the influential Gulf monarchy, which in August agreed to normalize relations with the Jewish state.

Israel established diplomatic relations with neighboring Egypt and Jordan as part of peace agreements several decades ago. But so far, all other Arab states have demanded that the Israelis first cede large territories to the Palestinians.

In comments published by the state news agency WAM, Kushner suggested that the other Arab States could quickly follow the example of Abu Dhabi. When asked by a journalist when this will happen, Kushner said that it could probably be several months.

Kushner then flew to Bahrain. He is also expected to visit Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Although no other Arab country has yet expressed readiness to follow the example of the UAE, Saudi Arabia has allowed the Charter flight of the Israeli airline El-al, on which Kushner and the Israeli delegation flew, to use its airspace.

In Bahrain, where the US Navy has its headquarters in the region, the state news agency reported that during a meeting with Kushner, King Hamad bin ISA al-Khalifa praised the UAE’s role in protecting the interests of Arabs and Muslims.

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