Kristen Wiig talks about motherhood after failed IVF attempts

Kristen Wiig’s track record includes dozens of great roles in feature films and popular TV series. Kristen has won 12 film awards and has been nominated for various awards 68 times (!). The main reward of her life – according to Wiig herself – was motherhood, about which the star speaks with rare frankness.

Kristen has never been deprived of male attention. She was married to actor Hayes Hargrove from 2005 to 2009 and learned the following from this relationship:

“I will probably never marry again … I don’t want it now and hardly will in the future. Women put pressure on each other on this issue – much more than society, and in spite of elementary politeness. As soon as you come to someone’s wedding, you will definitely get hit on the head with a question: “When will you get married?” What business is it – maybe never! “

Kristen has been dating Avi Rothman for more than five years, the couple tried to have children several times, even IVF was used, but the results were negative. Wiig and Avi decided on surrogacy, although Kristen is against the term “surrogate”:

“Our twins are the best that was and will be in our life with Avi. This is such an amazing thing, it turns your thoughts, ideas and priorities so much – this is Love from all big letters, this is the end of any selfishness … I don’t know why, but I have the feeling as if I calmed down after their birth. And even a little happy about this damn pandemic, because I can focus on my kids. “

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