Kristen Stewart was caught with her girlfriend in Los Angeles

American actress famous for her starring role in the vampire saga Twilight, Kristen Stewart was spotted shopping with her friend Dylan Meyer.

Wearing the same protective pink masks, they bought coffee at a local store in Los Angeles. Eyewitness photographs were taken in early January and released last Monday. The 30-year-old actress is wearing a long raincoat, white top and jeans, and a cap covers her head. Little has been heard about the celebrity since the premiere of her new film, Hulu. Aubrey Plaza, Alison Brie, Mackenzie Davis and Mary Holland also took part in the film.

The last time the couple Stewart and Meyer appeared together in a public place were a few months ago, so fans of the star suggested that the girls might have broken up. But the last footage suggests otherwise. Kristen and Dylan have known each other for many years but officially confirmed their romantic relationship a little over a year ago. As the actress herself admits, she dreams of making an offer to her friend. In a recent interview, Kristen shared her thoughts on how this might happen:

“I want this to be a smart decision. However, good things happen quickly by themselves. I had a couple of ideas on how to propose, and I like them, they are very cool. “

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