Kristen Stewart said that she is scared in the role of Princess Diana

Every time the actors undertake to embody the images of people who existed in real life, they find themselves under the scrutiny of the audience, and the more famous the prototype, the more pressure. And Kristen Stewart, who is preparing to play Princess Diana in the upcoming Spencer movie, has already experienced it herself.

Although more than 20 years have passed since Diana’s death, the significance of her figure has not diminished in the least, and thanks to the Netflix series “The Crown”, interest in the ruling family of Great Britain has flared up with renewed vigour. During a recent interview with InStyle, Stewart made it clear that she is well aware of the difficulties she will have to face while portraying such a famous historical figure.

“The accent is scary as hell because people know this voice, it’s so distinct and special. I am working on it now, I even have a dialect coach, ”she admitted.

However, correct British English is not the only detail that will be required to create a believable image of Diana. The actress said that for the role she studied three biographies of the princess, because “she wants not just to play her, but at least to know indirectly.” “By the way, I haven’t been so excited about the role in a long time,” Stewart added. So while Kristen will have to be under a lot of pressure to play Lady Dee, she seems ready to take on the challenge and prepare herself properly for filming.

The film “Spencer” will reveal the part of the princess’s life with which people are least familiar: it will focus on the moment when she began to understand that her marriage to Prince Charles was going to divorce. Filming will start in January 2021.

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