Kristen Stewart contracted coronavirus while starring in “Happiest Season”

The star of the vampire saga Kristen Stewart was among the stars who suffered the coronavirus infection. The information was shared the day before by the actress Aubrey Plaza.

As it turned out, Kristen contracted the coronavirus during the filming of the movie “Happiest Season”, in which she plays one of the main roles. So, 36-year-old Aubrey Plaza, who also took part in the tape, let this fact slip out in an interview with Stephen Colbert. The girl said that Stewart got sick in the midst of filming in Pittsburgh.

“COVID was on our set, Kristen got sick. Well, we didn’t know, “said Plaza.

The actress also clarified that then, in early February, many did not attach much importance to this disease. Then it did not frighten people and did not reach such a scale as it is now. Aubrey Plaza said that at that time people laughed at the virus: no one understood how serious it was. “I think a lot of people on our set got sick. Thank God, this did not happen to me, ” the actress clarified.

It is worth noting that Kristen Stewart still has not reacted or commented on this information.

Recall that the new infection did not spare many celebrities. So, earlier on the network, there was information that Stewart’s colleagues Robert Pattinson, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, as well as the singer Pink with her young son, had been infected with the coronavirus.

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