Korean Air unveils Kus-FC stealth drone project

Korean Air introduced the Kus-FC drone project, a demonstrator of which will be assembled using stealth technologies by the end of 2020. About this writes Aviation Week with reference to the statement of the South Korean company.

Korean Air has been developing the Kus-FC since 2011, but the first model was introduced only a few years ago. The developer promises to assemble a promising prototype of the device by the end of 2020, and complete the project by 2030 if the South Korean government allocates additional funding for development. However, the required amount is not officially disclosed.

The South Korean authorities plan to take the Kus-FC into service for reconnaissance purposes, and later refine it to the shock version.

Kus-FC is designed according to the flying wing scheme. The device will have a length of 10 m and a wingspan of 16 m. The device will be able to stay in the air for up to 6 hours, but it is not yet clear which engine Kus-FC will run on.

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