Koeman commented on rumors about Barcelona players’ dissatisfaction with tactical scheme

The head coach of Barcelona Ronald Koeman commented on rumours about the players’ dissatisfaction with the tactical scheme of the team.

“I think the players believe in me. Otherwise, I would not be able to work. We are trying to improve the situation. We have enough time to react, but after the latest results, we have to show our face, ” Sport.es quotes Kuman.

Earlier it was reported that Barcelona’s players do not like the tactical scheme used by the head coach. According to some players, the 4-2-3-1 scheme is not familiar enough to them, and the lack of experience causes a tactical imbalance. Football players believe that in this case, four players attack, four defend, and only two remain in the centre of the field. In the locker room, it is believed that the team is neither attacking nor defending.

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