Knife attack in the French city of Rambouillet

In the city of Rambouillet, near Paris, a police officer died from stab wounds. At the entrance to the police station, she was attacked by a 36-year-old man who reportedly came to France from Tunisia several years ago. Police wounded the attacker, who later died in hospital. The anti-terrorist police department is conducting the investigation.

The motive for the crime has not yet been reported. Reuters, citing a police source, reports that the attacker did not shout Islamist slogans. The same source says that he came to France legally and had not previously come to the attention of law enforcement agencies.

According to the prosecutor’s office representative, the attacker was seen at the police station before; presumably, he came to conduct reconnaissance.

The 49-year-old police officer returned to work after a lunch break when the attacker entered the police station and stabbed her in the neck. She wasn’t armed. After that, the police opened fire on the attacking man. The murdered woman was reportedly doing administrative work.

According to witnesses, the man was walking near the station before the attack and talking on a mobile phone. He walked through the doors of the police station after the woman he later attacked.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex and the country’s Interior Minister went to the scene of the incident. Speaking to the media at the scene, Castex called the attack “a barbaric act of infinite cowardice.”

The police urge people not to spread rumors. Nevertheless, the case was opened by the anti-terrorist unit of the French police. Valerie Pecresse, president of the council of the Ile-de-France region, which includes Paris and Rambouillet, said the attacker’s terrorist motives could not be ruled out.

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