KJ Apa from Riverdale posted a photo with a girlfriend

Kay Jay Apa and his beloved took a joint selfie. The couple posed with a tender hug in front of the bathroom mirror. The actor posted a picture on his Instagram profile and made a touching caption.

“Happy birthday, my love,” Apa turned to Clara Berry.

The fact that they had a romantic relationship was decided on the network back in February this year. Then KJ posted on his personal blog a photo in which he was kissing an unknown girl, whose face was covered with a cap. He commented on the picture with the following words: “Coup de foudre”. Translated from French, it means “love at first sight.”

In August, the performer of the main role in “Riverdale” shared with fans on his personal microblog a series of photographs of Clara, in which she posed nude. In one of the pictures, the model was lying on her stomach against the backdrop of a picturesque cliff, and in the other, she stretched out her hands to the sky, as if trying to touch him.

Then Clara commented on a friend’s post briefly but eloquently: “Jtm”. These three letters come from the abbreviated French phrase “Je t’aime”, which means “I love you.”

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