Kit Harington no longer wants to play low-key “knights” after Jon Snow

Kit Harington rose to fame as Jon Snow, the cold-blooded and strong-willed leader who saved Westeros from the Night King and the White Walkers. But, as it turned out, the actor was fed up with the character of a persistent silent hero, and he does not plan to return to him. Of course, he still has to embody a much similar image of the Black Knight in the Marvel blockbuster “The Eternals”, but in the future, Harrington is determined to refuse to translate the stereotypical vision of masculinity.

In a recent interview with The Independent, Keith stated that he does not want to play the silent heroes with suppressed emotions. The actor believes that by doing so he would reinforce the notion that strong men give up emotions, considering them a sign of weakness. According to Harrington, this thinking is the result of inherited trauma from World War II, and he believes that this is no longer the male role that society needs.

Harrington also said that his mother discouraged stereotypes and often encouraged him to play with toys designed for girls. This helped the actor to grow up more tolerant and open, and now he is ready to help other men to throw off the oppression of silence. The actor has confirmed that he will not appear as Jon Snow in any Game of Thrones spin-offs, as that role is over forever.

But the Black Knight, despite the general similarity with Snow, just can help the actor to broadcast the image of a strong man who is not shy of emotions. Still, the tone of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is not as gloomy as that of Game of Thrones, and even the most brutal characters – for example, Drax, for example – openly speak about their feelings. Harrington’s Black Knight may well become a new ideal for imitation, strong, but sincere and open, not trying to hide his emotions.

You can see how clearly Harrington managed to formulate a message to all men soon: “The Eternals” will start in theaters on February 10, 2021.

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