Kit Harington and Rose Leslie for a walk in New York

After the birth of a son, the 34-year-old stars of the series “Game of Thrones” Rose Leslie and Keith Harington had much less free time – after all, in addition to work duties, parental duties also increased.

But yesterday, in their busy schedule, the couple found some time to rest in private and went for a walk in Manhattan. The couple were in a great mood: Rose and Keith walked hand in hand and laughed.

Despite the fact that the couple’s son was born only four months ago, the baby’s mother didn’t sit on maternity leave and has already returned to work – now Leslie is starring in the HBO series “The Time Traveler’s Wife,” where her colleague is the star of the “Divergent” franchise, Theo James.

In the meantime, Rose is busy filming, her husband is looking after her son – the couple seems to share the parenting responsibilities equally.

Leslie and Harington do not advertise their personal lives. The spouses also have not yet told what name they gave to their son, although his pictures are already in full swing on the network.

Rose Leslie and Kit Harington have been married for three years. They met on the set of Game of Thrones in 2012 and soon began dating. True, then they broke up, but after a while they gave the relationship a second chance and in 2016 they were officially published as a couple.

Rose supported her beloved during a very difficult period of his life: after filming the show, Keith became addicted to alcohol and became depressed, as a result of which he was forced to go to a rehabilitation clinic for treatment. Fortunately, they managed to cope with the difficulties.

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