Kim Kardashian showed seductive pictures in men’s underwear

Kim Kardashian continues to expand the range of her Skims clothing brand. Initially, the 40-year-old star sold only shaping underwear, after she started making sleepwear, and now she has released the Boyfriend collection.

Kim made clothes for women using patterns for men. It is specially presented only in large sizes to create the effect that you have just removed it from your boyfriend. There are both T-shirts and shorts, and underwear, in which Kardashian herself posed. She shared a series of pictures on her Instagram page.

“Clothes should be very voluminous and create a relaxing effect. Imagine as if you took your boyfriend’s T-shirt. Guys, to be honest, I wear it around the house every day. It’s like my new uniform. The long sleeve looks especially cool now when it’s so cold outside. This is my new favourite, “- celebrity shared.

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