Kim Kardashian shares her new vacation photos

Kim Kardashian continues to post photos and videos of her 40th birthday vacation on social media. Recently, the founder of the beauty empire showed fans a picture with her 43-year-old husband Kanye West. In the photo, they pose on the coast of a private island.

Kim and Kanye, who were married in 2014, are said to have been going through a rough period in their relationship. However, by all accounts, they managed to overcome their differences.

Kardashian and West flew to French Polynesia on October 20 in a chartered Boeing 777 with their 30 closest friends to celebrate Kim’s birthday. She, her family, and friends are staying on a private island previously owned by actor Marlon Brando. The cost of rooms in such a paradise place can reach $ 20,000 per day.

Some netizens were outraged that the reality TV star threw a multi-day party in the midst of the pandemic. The situation with the coronavirus in the United States has not stabilized for several months. Others were unhappy that the celebrity spent so much money on vacation, while many people around the world have lost their jobs or are forced to cope with the economic fallout of the pandemic.

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