Kim Kardashian, Elon Musk and others reacted to Kanye West’s desire to run for U.S. President

42-year-old popular rapper Kanye West again announced his intention to run for president.

Many stars have already come out in support of him. According to insiders, the 39-year-old Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian approved his decision.

Kanye had planned this for many years, and Kim was aware of his aspirations and always supported him. Kanye is passionate about art and education and wants to support them in any way possible, says the source.

Other celebrities as well reacted to the rapper’s words.

Elon Musk: You have my full support!

Paris Hilton: Paris is for the president.

Tiffany Haddish: I also run for president of the United States!

Rose McGowan: I support this goal of Kanye West. Do you think he is doing this to split his voices, or is he just acting like an anarchist?

Octavia Spencer: Today there is too many nonsense. Some live in a bubble. It’s time to burst it.

Morgan Pier: Not now, Kanye. Seriously.