Kim Kardashian angered the audience with corrective underwear for pregnant women

Recently, Kim Kardashian introduced the world to her new collection of shapewear. All would be fine, but the new line is designed specifically for pregnant women. Although the lingerie came in a variety of shades to suit all skin tones, Kim was heavily criticized by users who saw the new Kim as an attempt to “hug” and correct the natural and healthy forms of a pregnant woman.

At the same time, Kardashian herself claims that this lingerie “will provide comfort and support for the body during pregnancy and after childbirth.” The advertisement also notes that this is not a compression garment, that is, it does not squeeze the stomach. But it can emphasize the buttocks and everything else. However, Kim’s clarifications did not stop outraged users.

“Corrective underwear for pregnant women – what is this nonsense?!”, “I’m sure pregnant women certainly need such underwear to fit in and look slimmer”, “Kimmy, why should a woman bother with underwear for a figure if she is pregnant?” – write in the comments. But one of the users still supported Kim and defended her underwear:

Girls, sorry, but such maternity underwear is far from new. Many people sell it. I wore this when I was pregnant, it supported my tummy well if I wore dresses.

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