Kim Jong-Un’s sister may lead North Korea: what we know about her

Kim Jong-Un’s younger sister has the best chance to lead North Korea.

Kim Jong-Un died some media outlets reported on April 25. But the North Korean authorities have not officially confirmed the death of their leader. At the same time, no one showed Kim Jong-un alive. Moreover, no one has seen him since April 12.

Adding fuel to the fire is that a similar situation was with Kim Jong-un’s father – Kim Jong-Il’s death was started when he did not appear at the celebrations on the occasion of the local equivalent of independence day. Then it turned out that he was dead.

What happened to Kim Jong-un – no one can say for sure yet. Note that North Korea is one of the most closed countries on the planet, and news from there appears much dosed.

At the same time, many people today are trying to guess how events will develop further, and who will take the chair of Kim Jong-un.

And the first on this list is a woman.

In South Korea, the media write that the best chance to lead North Korea is with Kim Jong-un’s younger sister, 31-year-old Kim Yo-Jong. She is called the second most influential person in the DPRK.

Her position today is the first Deputy Director of the propaganda and agitation department of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, and she is responsible for the cult of Eun’s personality.

They say that the brother and sister have developed a warm relationship. They studied together in Switzerland and, being very limited in contact with the outside world, they used to trust each other.

Even now, Kim Yo-Jong has a solid foreign policy experience by North Korean standards, as she regularly accompanied her brother on his foreign trips, including a historic summit with the United States at the highest level.

Moreover, she is the only Kim who has visited South Korea since the war.

Kim Yo-Jung is married. Her husband’s last name does not matter, but the figure of her father-in-law is very remarkable-it is the Hero of North Korea Choi Ryung Hae. Despite his rather venerable age (70 years), it was during the reign of the King that he rose, that is, he is his protege. To date, Choi is the first Deputy of Marshal Kim in the North Korean government and the Chairman of the local Parliament.

In other words, the father-in-law can cover the weakest hardware place of Kim Ye-Jung.

Time will tell whether Kim Jong – the Un’s sister will become the new leader of the DPRK.

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