Kim Jong-Un offers to erase the US from the world with a nuclear strike

North Korea has threatened to strike the United States in the event of the slightest provocation.

North Korea has reiterated its readiness to launch a nuclear strike against the United States, amid the aggravation of relations between the DPRK and the Republic of Korea. Official Pyongyang has accused Washington of provocations, declared its readiness to rid the planet of the United States once and for all by launching a large-scale nuclear strike.

“Pyongyang has warned Washington that if a new war is ignited on the Korean Peninsula, the United States could be destroyed. This is reported regarding the message of the North Korean Embassy in Moscow. In its message issued on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the start of the Korean War, the Embassy pointed out that the US authorities for decades have been engaged in fostering a new war on the Peninsula, deploying new military bases on the territory of South Korea, conducting military maneuvers and deploying American troops to strike the DPRK. However, the Embassy warned that Pyongyang has strategic missiles and nuclear weapons capable of destroying the United States,” the Military review reports.

“The next round of the Korean war will record a unique and sensational event in the history of mankind, which will put an end to another Empire, the name of which is the United States,” Pyongyang said.

According to experts, the DPRK may indeed possess a large number of nuclear weapons, because if Washington were sure that this is not the case, a war would have been launched against the DPRK long ago. However, Pyongyang’s ability to destroy the closest us allies in the region and try to inflict a nuclear strike on the States themselves forces Washington to beware of such steps.

“Recent events show that the US does not have an effective weapon capable of shooting down missiles, especially Intercontinental ones, which are rushing to their targets at an unthinkable speed,” the expert notes.

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