Kim Jong-un apologized to the North Koreans

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has apologized to the citizens of the country for not good leadership. This is reported by the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (CTAC).

“Comrades, I have always received the trust of our citizens as big as the sky and as wide as the sea, but I could never properly answer it, I have no excuse,” he said. Kim Jong-un explained that he lacks effort and sincerity, so “citizens still cannot free themselves from the hardships of everyday life.”

The head of the country also apologized to the soldiers of the North Korean army, who have to overcome “numerous difficulties” in working on the reconstruction of the typhoon-affected areas of North Korea and the fight against the penetration of the coronavirus into the DPRK. “I am very sorry, and on this solemn night my heart hurts because I cannot be with them,” admitted Kim Jong-un.

He thanked the citizens for their trust and promised to protect it even at the cost of his life. The North Korean leader added that people’s faith is an honor for him.

On October 10, Kim Jong-un appeared at a military parade in Pyongyang dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the founding of the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) in the republic. The event demonstrated new weapons, including missile and artillery systems, in particular, the 22-meter Hwaseong-15 intercontinental missile capable of reaching US territory.