KFC and Cooler Master unveil bucket-shaped gaming computer

KFC and Cooler Master introduced a gaming computer in the form of a branded bucket. Besides the fact that the new gadget is a full-fledged computer, it also warms the chicken.

An unusual new invention is the Cooler Master computer with the name KFC printed on the side. The PC has a black and red finish.

If ever built, the KFConsole could be a pretty fast machine, as it is powered by the Intel Nuc9 Extreme computing element, which experts call the “new king of tiny gaming PCs.”

The console includes a 1TB Seagate NVME SSD. Cooler Master claims to be VR ready, supports ray tracing, and can handle 4K TV games up to 240fps.

In addition to all these features, a key feature of the new development is the chicken warmer, which closely resembles a fat pan. While most gaming PCs can technically warm a chicken, Cooler Master has a special chamber that can heat two small wings, for example, using “natural heat and airflow,” according to an official statement.

As a reminder, Cooler Master Co., Ltd, is a Taiwanese private corporation that manufactures computer components. Founded in 1992. Specializes in computer cases, power supplies, coolers, cooling systems, gaming peripherals, and other components.

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