Kelly Osbourne was caught on a date with a stranger

This year, Kelly Osbourne has radically changed in appearance: the daughter of the legendary rocker lost 40 kilograms and corrected the problem with the lower jaw. Now Kelly has no end to her suitors. In a recent interview, Osborne said that after the news of her transformation appeared, she was bombarded with date invitations.

“One day I woke up and realized that I was discussed in all the newspapers. I received literally hundreds of messages. I was once called out seven times in a day. But I refused everyone, “- shared Kelly and noted that among those who invited her were those” who used to think she was fat. “

The other day she was seen heading to Craig’s restaurant in West Hollywood with an unknown young man. The Osborne daughter looked at ease and relaxed, she was wearing a mask, like her boyfriend, who walked just behind her. After dinner, the couple got into Kelly’s car together.

Previously, Kelly was seen at the same restaurant with 21-year-old Griffin Johnson, a young TikTok star. Before that, Osborne spent time with pro motocross racer Josh Hansen.

Until Kelly shared the news about her personal life. But she said how she managed to lose so much weight. “I did my sleeve gastrectomy. This changes the shape of the abdomen. I did it almost two years ago. And I will never, never lie about it, this is the best thing I’ve ever done, ” says Kelly.

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