Keira Knightley will no longer star in explicit scenes

The 35-year-old actress has many different roles in her career, and many of them involved explicit scenes with a minimum of clothing. After the children’s appearance, Keira Knightley reconsidered her attitude towards appearing on the screen nude and even indicated this in her contract. On the Chanel Connects podcast, the Oscar nominee explained her decision.

“This is partly vanity, as well as a male gaze (mail-gaze). Now I am extremely uncomfortable trying to match it, “admitted Keira in a conversation with director Lulu Wang and journalist Diana Solway. The actress understands that some directors need someone to “look hot”, but refuses to participate in this.

“This body was carrying two children, so I would rather not stand in front of a group of men naked. Sorry, but this will only happen with a female director. The absolute prohibition applies only to men, ” Knightley noted. She added that she is always willing to make exceptions for stories of motherhood and self-acceptance.

Together with her husband, James Ryton, the star raises two daughters – 5-year-old Edie and one-year-old Delilah.

Author: Sam Smith
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