Keanu Reeves will write his own fantastic Comic

Ahead of Comic-Con, USA Today published a long article on comics. And talking about BOOM! Studios, the authors of the article mentioned the upcoming release of the BRZRKR comic, which was written by actor Keanu Reeves. Having met with the staff of the studio last year during a discussion of the film adaptations of comics, Reeves proposed his concept of comics, which was implemented. The comic’s official synopsis reads:

The man known as Berzerker, half-mortal and demigod, cursed and forced to violence after long wanderings around the world finally found refuge – he began working for the US government, fighting in battles dangerous to anyone else.

BOOM! Studios have an agreement with Netflix on the right to film adaptation of comics. Perhaps someday this comic will also become a movie or a TV series. Reeves fully supports this idea:

‘I would love to play Berzerker! It’s a great story. If not me, then hopefully someone else will play it.’