Keanu Reeves’ beloved Alexandra Grant suffers from his obsessed Fan

Alexandra recently had to go to the Los Angeles County Superior Court to get an interim protection order against a 67-year-old woman named Catherine, who has been stalking her for several months.

Now the obsessed Reeves fan is forbidden to approach Alexandra herself, her house, and work closer than 100 meters. The court also banned the stalker Grant from publishing her pictures on social networks.

In her petition, Alexandra clarified that the woman began to persecute her immediately after she and Keanu publicly announced their romance. Grant claims that once a fan of the actor invaded her home and took photographs of her car, which were then posted on the Internet. Also, Catherine stalked Alexandra at various events and monitored her activities in a variety of areas. This information was then shared by an alarmingly obsessed fan with Reeves on hate groups on the Internet.

‘These actions of the fan caused a lot of stress in Alexandra, and she is afraid that this anxiety will only continue and intensify, ‘ the insider clarified.

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