Katy Perry spoke about breaking up with Orlando Bloom

In a new interview with People, Katy Perry recalled the breakup with her child’s fiancé and father, Orlando Bloom, in 2017.

We had to split up and set off on a free voyage, but not as two halves of one whole, but as two wholes. This is the only way it works

– said Katie. She also admitted that a song from her upcoming album Champagne Problems talks about their most difficult times.

This song tells us about how intense our life has become and how much we’ve gone through. Yes, we have problems. Every person has relationship problems. If it’s a real relationship, then it will make you do your best. I understand what Justin Timberlake meant when he said, “You are my mirror,” because that’s the way it is. Relationships take things out of you that you can’t see for yourself. It’s an endless evolution. But we are pleased that we were able to show each other all the good, bad and everything in between, and tried to show our best sides. Now we are just joking, they say, yes, we still have something to work on. We went through hell, – Perry said.

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