Katy Perry said what helped her to decide on motherhood

35-year-old Katy Perry is now looking forward to the birth of their daughter with 43-year-old Orlando Bloom. But, as she admitted, only recently did she feel ready for motherhood. The star spoke about this in an interview with People magazine.

Two or three years ago, I was horrified by this idea. I wasn’t sure if I would ever do it. This is madness. I can barely take care of myself!

– she admitted.

But that all changed when she decided to go through the Hoffman trial after a prolonged depression. Then, according to her, she felt a noticeable change.

It changed my life, it changed the life of Orlando and many of my friends. It helped me to change my attitude towards myself, my habits, and understand why I am doing something. It just gave me so much more freedom,

Katie said.

Now the singer admits that she is no longer afraid to give this world a child.

Unconditional love was a whole journey for me and it will be amazing,

– she says about the upcoming birth of her daughter.