Katy Perry replaces sleep with meditation after the birth of her daughter

Katy Perry admitted that sleep had become a real problem for her since she gave birth to her daughter Daisy. The celebrity became a mother for the first time in August this year. The girl’s father is her fiancé Orlando Bloom. Katy spoke about her first steps in motherhood during the Meditate America online event of the David Lynch Foundation:

“I am a young mother. My daughter is such a gift, but sometimes I have trouble sleeping. Where can I get those six hours that I had before? Where did they go?”.

Instead of natural relaxation, the actress uses meditative techniques to help her find time to relax a little during the day. Perry admitted that she tried many different ways, but “transcendental meditation”, which Katy spends no more than 20 minutes a day, gives her the “deepest rest” that she so desperately needs.

For the actress, Daisy’s daughter became the firstborn, while for the girl’s father Orlando, this is the second child. Recall that Bloom was married to Miranda Kerr, with whom they have a nine-year-old son Flynn. Orlando first spoke about his daughter on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in October when he revealed that she looked a lot like “a mixture of himself, his mother (grandmother) and Perry.”

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