Katy Perry decided to go vegan with her dog

Katy Perry told her Twitter followers that she would switch to a vegan diet, excluding all animal products.

Last year, Perry talked about her diet and admitted that she doesn’t always follow a healthy diet. “Let’s be honest. In my case it is 60/40, ” the singer said. Katie also said that, along with her fiancé, Orlando Bloom, she is a fan of apple cider vinegar.

“Mom taught me to drink it every day, now it’s a part of my life. I’d like to re-teach people how to use apple cider vinegar, ”said Perry, whose mother supports the ideas of Patricia Bragg, the famous biochemist and health consultant.

Last August, a new stage began in Katie and Orlando’s lives: they had a daughter. The baby was named Daisy Dove. “They have a fantastic relationship and are enjoying their new life as parents. They find time for little Daisy and their work, their views on this issue converge. But the daughter is their top priority now. They keep the balance very well, ” a celebrity source recently shared.

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