Katie Holmes went on a date while her daughter Suri walked alone in New York

Yesterday, 42-year-old Katie Holmes with 33-year-old boyfriend Emilio Vitolo were seen on the streets of New York.

The lovers, who have been dating for about six months, went for a walk in a pair of fashionable images. Katie chose a mustard tartan long coat, and Emilio also opted for a check, but in red and black. The couple went out into the street before dark and stayed there until it was finally dark.

On the same day, the paparazzi managed to photograph in New York the 14-year-old daughter of Katie Holmes, Suri, whom she gave birth to in a marriage with Tom Cruise. The girl did not interfere with her mother’s date and went for a walk around the city alone. Suri, who usually stands out for her fashionable looks, this time picked up a relaxed and comfortable look: the girl was wearing a powdery blue down jacket, black jeans and ugg boots in a classic brown shade. On the walk, Suri looked into several stores but left without major purchases.

Recall that Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo were first seen together in September last year: after those pictures, fans had no doubts that they were really a couple and not just friends. Since then, the lovers practically do not part, and sometimes they take Suri on their joint walks. According to insiders, the actress and the son of a famous New York restaurateur and chef are truly happy together and behave like teenagers in love.

Author: Sam Smith
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